We Are A Creative Digital Agency, Focused on Growing Brands Online.

Strategy and Consulting

Strategy Blueprints, Market Research, Customer Interviews, Buyer Personas, Customer Journeys, Competitive Analysis, SWOT Analysis

Research and Development

User Research, UI Design, Responsive Design, Usefulness Testing, UX Audits, Creative Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Business Integration.

Digital Marketing and SEO

Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Retargeting, Social Media, PPC, CRM & Sales

What We Do

Businesses often struggle when working with both development and research. That’s because developers don’t think about innovation and cutting edge technologies, and researchers don’t always understand the importance of visuals and programming. At Manarate Research and Innovation, we merge the two. Our WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT team and RESEARCHERS staff work side-by-side to produce dynamic, visually-rich websites that are built for optimal web performance, lead attraction, and customer conversion, all while creating a strong brand message.

Our Services

When it comes to the success of your website, app or software, strategy is everything. It’s the foundation for your success. It’s do or die. We understand business. That’s why we begin every project with a workshop — crafting a one-of-a-kind, unique strategy that is designed to help you win.

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You need more than just a website. You need results. We turn underperforming websites around.

We have the business acumen, creativity, and experience to solve any problem and deliver results.

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Most websites, apps and software are built for stakeholders, without users in mind. The resulting experiences fail because they are not user-centric. User experience (UX) design takes opinions and guesswork out of the equation. We apply research to give your customers what they actually want.

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Marketing is about connecting with people and helping them solve their problems. The best marketing empowers customers and makes them feel confident and smart. We create experiences that attract, engage, and convert.

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We take in mind persons with disabilities. We deliver accessible websites and we offer training sessions to support developers to understand WCAG2.0 Guidelines.

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Working Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:30pm

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