How we work

We are a customer-experience driven end-to-end solution partner, practicing an AGILE development approach along with Waterfall Model perfected over the last 10 years.

Project Communication Structure

Daily Scrum Standup

Monday to Friday 30 minutes conversation

Check previous day’s work, current day’s plans, any queries, hurdles etc.

Project Manager with the entire Project Team

Weekly Review Meeting

Weekly meeting
45-60 minutes conversation

“Improvements to process (No finger pointing!).

Client along with the Project Manager & Team Lead


2-3 weeks
1-2 hours

Demonstration for the client.

Client along with the Project Manager & Team Lead.


3-4 hours

Code Review.

Tech Lead.

Engagement Models

We aim to deliver excellence at every step of projects and finish our job with the top level of efficiency and dedication.

When the scope of your idea is not clear, we tend to go with the T&M based model to provide you with more efficiency as we continue with your project.

To give you control over your project, the dedicated teams will be there at your disposal. We aim to give you a sense of comfort as we work on your idea and our dedicated teams make sure that you do feel that sense of control

Interested? Please share your idea.